Client Testimonials

NO-RISK commentary editing and distribution

As Communications Director for the Fraser Institute, I have used the services of Troy Media for the past three years to help distribute our newspaper  commentaries  to media outlets across Canada.

The team at Troy Media has provided me with top-level service that includes not only content distribution, but editing and proof­ reading as well. I’ve found Troy’s services convenient and easy to use, and best of all, affordable.

But all of that would be for naught if I didn’t see tangible results. Since I began  using Troy to distribute Fraser Institute commentaries, the number of columns we had published  across the country more than doubled compared to when I was doing my own distribution.

I would highly recommend Troy Media to anyone wanting to distribute content to  Canadian  newspapers.

Dean Pelkey, The Fraser Institute

We began working with Troy Media during the inaugural year of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and that was one of our best communications decisions. They do as they promise and they do it efficiently and well. We have had great exposure across the land as a result. We will be using them even more in the future.

Brian Lee Crowley, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Troy Media has done a great job helping  find a broad audience, getting our Experts’ OpEds  in print in multiple publications. Increasingly, with Troy Media’s help, the Experts are being asked to do  interviews with radio and TV outlets across the country. Certainly, our Network has had more reach and impact because of Troy Media’s services. We particularly like that no media outlet is too big or too small for them to work with. The diversity of publications in which our material appears  has been an asset to our initiative.

Dr. Noralou Roos,

Two of the op-eds we posted to Troy’s site have experienced the best results ever for Pembina Institute op-eds. Both op-eds were reprinted in numerous newspapers, as many as eight for one of them. We did some promotion of our own as well, but we know that having them posted at Troy was a key factor in their success. Credit is also due to Troy Media’s Managina Editor, Doug Firby, (former Calgary Herald Editorial Pages Editor) too – he called me up on a Friday night and asked if we were writing on the Gulf Oil Spill. We weren’t at that time, but we did write something that weekend thanks to keenness of one of our talented writers in communications and thanks to Doug’s prods. It ran in eight newspapers!

When Troy Media asks me if we are writing about something these days, I don’t ask questions, we start writing!

David Dodge, Pembina Institute

Troy Media was instrumental in creating a truly national presence across Canada’s diverse and truly far flung media landscape for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. In particular, Troy Media’s networks and relationships with outlets, editors and media people are  proving of great value.

Peter Holle, Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Troy Media is a great solution for organizations looking to increase media presence and public recognition.  The creation of a western Canadian news service that feeds daily and weekly outlets at the local, national, and international levels is a concept whose time has come.  If your organization is prepared to make the commitment required to take its media strategy to the next level, then it is time to talk with Troy.

Jason Brisbois, Western Centre for Economic Research, University of Alberta School of Business

I admired the growing profile Troy Media created for his client organizations for some time before I had the opportunity to meet him and learn more about the system he’s developed. Now I’m even more impressed. It’s focus and determination are amazing, and the results are obvious.

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

There is no question that the Canada West Foundation benefits greatly from Troy Media, which  took us to a new level in terms of media coverage, and helped create a more media-savvy and media-friendly research staff. I would highly recommend Troy Media.

Roger Gibbins, Canada West Foundation

Over the last 5 years Troy Media has developed a service, a network and an understanding that makes it a service superior in the market. The firm understand us, is timely in its response and we get lots of media attention.

Perry Kinkaide, Alberta Council of Technologies

Like Wayne Gretzky, Troy Media seems to have a good sense of how to position your ideas and thoughts at the most strategic times to reach the widest possible audience. Troy Media helps turn the written word into crystals of wisdom.

Mark Anielski

Troy Media’s media range and connections are broader than any researcher could hope to establish independently.

Kim McGrail, Associate Director, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, University of British Columbia

Troy Media provides an exemplary service disseminating information to a broad audience.

Dr. Verena Menec, Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba