Tech solutions your company needs to consider

Some of the coolest and most valuable business tools on the market today

Does your business pride itself on its old-fashioned values? On not fixing what isn’t broke?

Do you find yourself using either of those excuses to explain why you’ve been slow to adopt technology?

If this common scenario fits your business to a tee, you’re not alone. However, there’s no better time than now to learn about some of the main categories that comprise enterprise technology and learn some of the ways they could benefit your business.

Robust cyber security suites

If you haven’t planned for the possibility of getting infiltrated by hackers and decided to do what you can to minimize the likelihood of that increasingly common scenario happening, you’re involved in a very risky business. Hackers can quickly grab unsecured data; and whether it relates to your company or customers, or both, the compromised details could be used to permanently tarnish your brand’s reputation.

There are extremely powerful cyber security software suites that work seamlessly in the background. You can even buy some with built-in intelligence that learns about your company’s network over time and adapts accordingly. Then, if something seems strange about traffic levels or the behaviour of a certain party on the network, the cyber security suite may be able to take prompt action and stop hackers in their tracks.

Cloud-based storage servers

Even if your company is not currently using cloud technology or considering doing so, you’ve almost certainly heard about it and its many benefits. A growing number of businesses are turning to cloud storage because representatives realize that this kind of technology saves money and makes file storage more secure.

technology solutionsMost cloud providers offer subscription services and although customers may be required to sign up for periods of at least a couple of years, month-to-month packages might be available depending on your needs. Even better, if it turns out the cloud technology package you initially signed up for is not quite appropriate for your changing needs, you’ll likely be able to change the plan so it’s more suitable.

Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with in-house installations of servers, climate controlled systems, and security devices that protect the stored data. Because all your files are stored on offsite servers, you can just make sure to sign up for a provider that has promised to use state-of-the-art technology to keep your files safe. There’s usually no need to deal with conducting manual backups either because the respective companies take care of that crucial responsibility for you.

Artificial intelligence

You’ve already learned about how some cyber security packages get smarter over time and respond to identifiable changes accordingly. That’s just one example of a type of artificial intelligence known as machine learning. However, artificial intelligence can do much more for your business and the trend seems set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Many people argue automation is one of the biggest strengths associated with artificial intelligence. Technology exists that can schedule meetings on your behalf, swiftly answer calls and route them to the proper people and departments, and help make your inbox more manageable by automatically categorizing messages as they arrive.

Also, if your business is involved in manufacturing, there is evidence that enterprise-level artificial intelligence technology could streamline operations. Not only might it spot areas for improvement, but potentially make suggestions about how to implement meaningful changes with fewer instances of trial and error.

Social media mention monitors

Because so many people in today’s society connect with their friends, family members, and preferred businesses via social media channels, it’s especially important for representatives at your company to be aware of what people are chatting about on social media when it comes to your brand, products, services, or key staff members.

For example, Donald Burns is a long-time executive who has risen to prominence in the telecommunications industry. If you were hired as his social media manager and asked to keep tabs on many channels, including the official Donald Burns Twitter feed, you could visit each respective website daily and check what’s going on, or use a social media mention monitor instead.

Although there are slight variations in features depending on which technology provider you select, finding out what people are saying across social media websites is often as easy as typing in a keyword or phrase. Many of these technologically driven monitors also allow you to set up alerts so you’ll instantly receive notifications if people start saying positive, negative, or neutral things on the internet about a topic of interest.

Such technology could be particularly useful if your company just launched a dedicated social media campaign with a specific tagline. If you notice the tagline’s usage frequency jumped up by 80 per cent overnight, that’s a very strong indicator you’re doing something right.

These are not the only enterprise technology solutions you should be aware of and research for your own needs. However, they are arguably some of the coolest and most valuable types of tools on the market.

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