3 trends in the home security sector to watch in 2017

As home integration becomes more popular and more comprehensive, home security plans should be more readily available

The world of home security is always evolving and new innovations are being presented every year. With the recent advent of mobile, home security companies have been able to change their product ranges and offer new products that take advantage of mobile technology to the fullest. There have also been advancements that extend far beyond the scope of mobile technology. Here are some of the top trends in home security to watch in 2017.

Home Automation Will Hit the Mainstream

Smart home security devices were only known by a few and were not fully integrated up until now, but expect 2017 to be the year of home automation and smart devices. According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, half of those surveyed said that they either already implemented smart home security solutions or intended to implement them somewhere in the future.

Home Security Packages should be More Comprehensive

Companies like BestHomeSecurity (for more information, visit their site) have been offering comprehensive home security plans for years, but more comprehensive home security packages should be available to customers in 2017. More companies should offer complete solutions that include garage door monitors, temperature control, safety and lighting for instance. According to the same study performed by Coldwell Banker, security systems that integrate just one element weren’t enough and we can expect the home security to follow suit with products that fit the current market.

Expansion of the DIY Security Sector

Those without the means to invest in a full home security solution may be more tempted to opt for DIY solutions in 2017. That, and the advent of the Internet of Things, IoT for short, should facilitate this transition. And we’ve already seen implementations of IoT smart technology in action with cameras fitted to doorbells or portable monitors that can installed with nothing but a few bolts and a screwdriver.

While these solutions are not as extensive as anything the biggest home security companies have to offer, they offer a compromise on price that many in lower income brackets may appreciate. We can expect more low cost, entry level DIY smart home security devices to be rolled out in 2017 to meet this demand.

Democratization of Smart Home Technology

There was a time when smart home integration was for the young and tech savvy, but that should change in 2017. Companies should roll out more accessible solutions for those who are less familiar with smart home technology. Smart home solutions should become less costly as well. The Coldwell Banker study found that a larger number of seniors are beginning to embrace smart technology and are becoming more tech savvy as well, which opens up a whole new segment for companies offering smart home solutions.

2017 seems to be very promising for the world of home security. Home integration will become more popular and more comprehensive, home security plans should be available to customers. In addition, all segments of the population should have access to smart home technology.

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