Tips for traveling with kids

April 29, 2010

By Judy McEuen
Travel Writer
Troy Media

Judy McEuen
Judy McEuen

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Apr. 29, 2010/ Troy Media/ — Children are more prone to the stress of traveling than adults. When traveling with them, extra measures need to be carried out to ensure that they remain healthy, comfortable and engaged, otherwise, you can expect some tantrum-throwing episodes that no parent wants. To keep your trip enjoyable for everyone, good planning and preparation is indispensable.

A few days before your scheduled trip, take your children to visit your family doctor. Ensure that they are all in top form and no infection, virus or bacteria are brewing in their systems to wreck havoc on your trip.

Use a safety leash for toddlers

If you have toddlers in tow, you can’t always expect them to keep to your side. In crowded places such as the airport or any busy street, it is easy to lose them in the crowd. Since you can’t always carry them, a safety leash or bracelet connecting them to you will come in handy. Just make sure that it’s long enough to give them room to freely move but not long enough to tangle and cause them to trip.

Also, never forget to prepare a card with your child’s name, their medical history, your name and your contact details. Do not just place it inside their pockets, they can easily lose it. Use a necklace to hold it or a safety pin to keep it in place. Also, don’t forget to bring photos of your children with you in case you need help locating them.

Keep snacks with you all the time. Children become hungry easily and they usually do not respond well to “later.” Also, bring along bottled waters and boxed juices because they are likely to ask for it. When taking a flight, gummi bears and other chewable candies will keep your child happy and it’ll also help ease ear discomfort.

Motion sickness is common among children. Ask your doctor about this and his recommendation. A doctor recommended medication can help ease, if not prevent, its symptoms. Bring along some motion sickness bags, just in case.

Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are good to carry around. They are useful in wiping dirt and grime from your child’s faces and hands. You don’t always have the luxury of flowing water when traveling and a good alternative is essential.

Don’t forget toys

To keep them entertained while on a trip, bring several of their favorite toys. It’ll also help if you play and talk to them. Play games with them while on the road; if you ask them to count colors (of cars or houses) prepare a price for the winner to motivate them.

Hand them a map of where you are going and point out the name of the cities or towns so that they can check it on the map as you go along. Take pictures with them and let them know that they get to use it for a scrap book project later.

They’ll pay more careful attention to their surroundings as they go about their activities, which ensures that they remember as much as possible to place in their personal memory books.

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