Guide to entering Mexico

April 4, 2010

CANCUN, MX, Apr. 4, 2010/ Bon Voyage / — Its sun-kissed white sand beaches, clear blue waters, splendid underwater vistas and rich culture beckon visitors from all over the world to visit the wonderful tropical paradise of Mexico.

Booking a flight to Mexico is child’s play. Thousands of travel agencies have ready-made vacation deals to whoever is interested. Getting to Mexico is not a problem but legally entering Mexico is.

If you are a first-time visitor to Mexico, there are a few travel essentials you need to know before taking your flight. The following requirements are only intended for visiting tourists and do not include the requirements for those traveling for business or residency purposes.

Entry requirements

First, make sure you have all the necessary entry requirements. If you don’t, you can be easily refused entry and you’ll be forced to take a flight back home a few hundred dollars poorer – due to wasted airfare – without the tan to show for it.

You’ll need to show a valid identification card, proof of citizenship and a Visa or a Mexican Visitor’s Permit Card – whichever is applicable – before you are allowed to enter Mexico.

Citizens of the US, Australia, Canada, EU member countries, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel are not required to secure a visa to enter Mexico. They should instead secure a visitor’s permit or FMT issued by the Mexican government in lieu of the visa requirement.

The FMT can be obtained by filling-out the appropriate form usually distributed on the plane before it lands in the soils of Mexico. If you were not able to fill-out the form while in-flight, you can obtain one from any Mexican airport. Present the fully accomplished FMT form together with your travel documents to airport officials for the entry stamp.

If you are a citizen of a country not mentioned above, you are required to secure a visa prior your trip to Mexico. Inquire from the Mexican consulate or reputable visa agent near you for the requirements applicable for your home country.

However, if you are arriving to any parts of Mexico on a cruise ship, you are exempt from securing a visa or a tourist permit regardless of your citizenship.

Bringing children

If you are a minor, you may not be allowed entry unless you are accompanied by your parents or with a signed a written permission from both parents allowing you to visit the country. If you are accompanied by only one parent, the absent parent needs to have executed the same written permission except when the accompanying parent can prove sole custody over you.

Deadly weapons and narcotics are banned from being brought within the borders of Mexico. Even if you have a duly issued gun license, it will not be recognized in Mexico. So leave your guns at home because you’ll just risk losing them if you bring them along.

Entering Mexico should not be a problem, provided you have all the necessary requirements and aren’t carrying any of the disqualifications or prohibited items with you.

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