There’s no roughing it with luxury camping

April 2, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Apr. 2, 2010/ Bon Voyage / — Communing with nature is surely great, but most of us cower from the thoughts of no shower, leaky tents, musty sleeping bags and unconventional toilet alternatives for days at a time. Camping wouldn’t be as bad if you still get to camp in style, sleep in comfortable beds and eat great food with the modern amenities of plumbing nearby. What if I tell you that all these and more are now available? Glamping is the new face of camping!

Glamping, also known as glamorous camping or luxury camping, gives novice and veteran campers alike the opportunity to experience nature at its best without the drawbacks of roughing it. It’s basically an immersion in the great outdoors with the luxury of modern comforts.

A luxury tent

Yes, you’ll still be staying in a tent. But it’s big enough to accommodate several people standing up complete with soft mattresses, luxurious sheets and interior decoration. There are also adornments of bright-colored fabrics, vases of flowers and soft carpets.

These tents are even rigged with electrical power and climate controls for maximum comfort. Just around the corner are concealed outdoor hot and cold showers and modern toilets.

Wait, there’s more! High-end glamping outfitters even make available gourmet chefs to prepare world-class cuisine and highly efficient butlers for the campers service. All of these are accessible at the most beautiful and scenic remote locations around the world.

Some of the best glamping locations in the world are: Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru in the Maldives, El Capitan Canyon in California and Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania.

The Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru exemplifies glamping at its best. The location itself is so remote from the rest of the world that you need a seaplane to access it. It is located right smack in the middle of a verdant jungle beside a crystal-clear blue lagoon. Its spotless-white canvas tents are set on timber flooring with teak desks and leather folding chairs.

Resort amenities are readily available without interfering with your view of the pristine surroundings. Not far from your tent is your very own sandbank where you can dine in the romantic atmosphere of a star-filled sky.

El Capitan Canyon is just a short 20 mile drive from the bustling city of Santa Barbara but a sense of natural seclusion is not far away in this 300-acre resort. Its location is divine, with the Pacific Coast in its foreground and the backcountry trails of El Capitan Canyon at its background. It has 26 canvas safari tents equipped with hand-woven willow beds, down-style duvets and bedside lanterns with fine touches of casual furnishings.

Greystoke Mahale is set on a forest line of the Mahale mountains overlooking the picturesque lake of Tanganyika. It has six tastefully decorated huts or bandas, all of which are open-fronted with a missing wall, allowing soft breeze and the relaxing sound of nature to welcome you in the morning and lull you to sleep in the evening. The huts have two levels, the open bedroom below and the chill-out deck above.  Just behind the banda is your own private bathroom with flush toilets and cold and hot showers.

Happy Glamping!

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