Planning a romantic getaway

Here are a few tips to planning your next romantic getaway

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Mar. 26, 2010/ Troy Media/ – We’ve just returned from a very romantic weekend getaway so I thought I should pass along a few tips and ideas for planning yours.

Of course, planning a romantic getaway shouldn’t be a man’s exclusive preserve. Women can also plan a romantic weekend, especially if he hasn’t even thought about it. Maybe he’ll get the idea and plan the next one.

The decision to take a romantic getaway doesn’t have to be tied to any specific event, such as Valentines Day or your wedding anniversary or even a birthday. It can be a more obscure event or, better yet, no reason at all. That could win you big points!

Romantic interlude

Our romantic getaway was in celebration of the anniversary of when my husband proposed to me. We went out to dinner at a little restaurant where we used to go all the time but hadn’t been there in years. The next night we had a candle light dinner at home, and then we drove to the spot where he actually proposed. At that time we had a picnic, and that’s what we did this time too.

romantic getaway
A weekend romantic getaway can transport you out of your routine and refresh and revive your relationship

Anniversaries are always good for romantic interludes. It doesn’t matter whether it is your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your proposal, like ours was, the anniversary of your first date, the day you met or when you bought your house. Anything is a good reason for a romantic getaway.

If you have children, you probably often think that you’re always doing something for the kids, and you never have any time for yourself. All of us need “time off.” Get someone to watch the kids, and have a weekend just for yourselves. Go wine tasting and stay in a romantic little B&B. Head for the city and see a play or visit a museum and stay in a historic hotel. Find a resort and spa where you can both get a little pampering.

Or do like we did. We found a rustic little cabin at a lodge close to the spot where my husband proposed. It wasn’t luxurious or expensive, but it did overlook the Pacific Ocean. There was a little restaurant right there, and we had a wonderful sentimental weekend reminiscing about all the years we’ve had together.

Make sure your romantic getaway is fun

You don’t even have to go away: Just do something romantic locally, like go to a dinner and a movie. How about a champagne picnic?

You could have a candlelight dinner at home, but remember that the cooking and cleanup duties need to be shared. Make them fun to do together. This is a romantic weekend after all!

No matter what you do, a weekend break can transport you out of your routine and refresh and revive your relationship.

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